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There is an artist named Elle Luna who hosts an annual project called #the100dayproject. In short, you do something creative every day for 100 days and share on social media with a unique hashtag.

I went back and forth for about a week, deciding if I should join.

In spring 2016, I had time for the 1 second a day video project and that’s about it. I really didn’t want a stack of 100 ANY thing. I had already done a bunch of daily photo projects.

Plus...those next 100 days were going to be insane. My day job, Get To Work Book, was about to launch it’s next planner. My husband, Paul, was going to be gone for four weeks. I was traveling for two work trips. My older daughter, Ellerie, was going to turn THREE. My younger daughter, Piper, would probably learn to crawl. And perhaps most intense, they were doing road construction on my street again. So I asked myself...

“What do I really need these next 100 days?”

Ahhhh: a pep talk.

For 100 days, I wrote and shared a pep talk on Instagram with the hashtag #100daysofelisepeptalks.

This book is those 100 pep talks.