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This is an ebook co-authored by Elise Blaha Cripe and Maggie Whitley. Immediately after purchase you'll receive an email with a download link to the .PDF, .mobi and .epub files which can be printed or read on your mobile device or e-reader.

The PDF is 114 pages and the ebook is over 37,000 words. We've packed it with everything we have learned about running an online shop.


Welcome and Introduction

Part 1 - Background
Maggie's Business Story
Elise's Business Story

Part 2 - Dreaming
Brainstorming Your First Products
Writing a Mission Statement
Determining a Price Point
Branding and Naming Your Business

Part 3 - Planning
Deciding Where to Sell Online
Obtaining a Retail License
Pricing Your Products
Paying Yourself
Setting Goals for Your Shop

Part 4 - Creating
Ordering Wholesale Materials
Ordering Wholesale Products
Hiring a Team to Help with Production in Your Home
Transforming a Living Space into a Creative Workspace
Producing in House by Yourself
When to Hire Help
Expanding Your Line

Part 5 - Selling
Photographing Your Product
Writing Product Descriptions
Creating Product Videos
Selling Digital Downloads
Packaging Your Product
Shipping Your Product
Shipping International Orders
Inventory Management
What to Do When Things Don't Sell
What to Do When You Can't Keep Up with Demand

Part 6 - Sharing
How to Promote Your Business
Running Sales and Discounts
Using a Blog for Promotion
Running a Newsletter
Creating Promotional Pieces
Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy
What to Do When You Make a Mistake


Resource Links

BONUS : "Balancing" Work and Parenthood

A few reader testimonials :

"Okay guys this book is the real deal for small handmade businesses!! The ebook is to the point while being extremely informative. If you are a soloprenuer or a soloprenuer making the transition to adding an additional team member, you won't regret this purchase." - @closetchem

"I am in love with this book! Although I have been working at my business for a while, this book is giving me the direction I need to get noticed. I am currently updating my business practices, and am using Building a Business as my go-to guide." - Naomi Blom, Sewist

"This book is full of information how to start or improve your business and also a huge source of inspiration to take action. It's an easy read but they prompt you to think about several aspects of your business where you have to take your time to go through." - Andrea