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GET QUILTY eCOURSE / recommended tools

This list includes all the tools that you will need to create one or more of the projects in this eCourse. Where applicable, I have linked to the exact products that I have. It's not necessary that you have exactly the same tool, something similar should work just fine. If you have questions about any recommended tools (or anything in this eCourse), please email me at

sewing machine - all projects in this course will be sewn start to finish with a sewing machine. This machine doesn't have to be top of the line! My sewing machine is a work-horse and it was relatively inexpensive (I got it at Target). Most likely, any machine you are comfortable on will be ideal for this class.

access to a washer & dryer - you'll want to pre-wash your fabric for most projects.

access to an iron and ironing board - you'll need to iron most of your fabric before sewing.

safety pins - these can be purchased everywhere! I've seen "special" ones in the sewing section of craft stores, but size 2, the 1.5 inch ones will work great. You'll need about 40 for project 5, the quilt project.

straight pins - grab a small pack (and maybe a cute pincushion for easy storage).

seam ripper - of course it's not my intention that you'll run into any problems with the projects in this course and have to rip out stitches, but I think having a seam ripper on hand is always a great idea.

fabric scissors - I resisted for years buying an expensive pair of scissors that I use just for cutting fabric. That might be one of the craziest things I've done. They are worth it.

tape measure - most likely you have one on hand - either a fabric one or pull out one will be great.

self-healing cutting mat* - this is a necessity for getting fabric cut straight. Grab one that has the inch grid and the angle lines designated.

acrylic cutting ruler* - you'll use the ruler along with your cutting mat to make perfect cuts. Look for one with a grid that's clear and is as long as your cutting mat.

rotary cutter* - this looks like a pizza cutter and slices through fabric like butter.

*I purchased these last three items as a full set and it was a great deal